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Ethnographies of academic writing in a global context: the politics of style


16th July, 2010

Open University, Milton Keynes

This one day seminar aims to bring together researchers who are using ethnography as a key methodology/epistemology for exploring academic writing and literacy practices in a global context. A specific focus of the seminar will be the politics of style and key questions will be:

  • How can ethnography contribute to understandings about what’s involved and at stake in academic text production in a global context?
  • How can ethnography contribute to understandings about the significance attached to ‘style’ in academic text production and evaluation?
  • What range of analytic tools are researchers using to explore the nature of academic writing, including ‘style’?
  • How can current work in Linguistic Ethnography (which has to date tended to focus on spoken interaction) contribute to research, analysis and theory on academic writing in a global context?

Underlying themes to be explored are: participation and access, locality and globalization, the status of English, the affordances/limitations of resources - including digital technologies.The potential impact of research on professional user groups will be considered through representation from editors of international journals and professional ‘language consultants’.


Theresa Lillis,

Advisory committee

International: Isabelle Delcambre (Université de Lille III, France); Ana Moreno, (University of León,  Spain); Tiane Donohue (Dartmouth, USA and Cirel-Theodile, Université de Lille III, France); Nancy Eik-Ness (Norwegian University of Science and Technology,  Trondheim, Norway);  Lucia Thesen (University Cape Town, South Africa);  Mary Jane Curry (University of Rochester, USA)

Open University: Jackie Tuck, Sally Baker, Lynn Coleman, Mary Lea, Robin Goodfellow, Lucy Rai, Ann Hewings, Philip Seargeant.

Contributions and structure

of the day

The day will be structured around individual presentations and discussions, both face to face and via video conferencing with the aim of ensuring maximum opportunities for seminar participation. Contributors will include: John Flowerdew, Roz Ivanič, Mary Lea, Constant Leung, Janet Maybin, Ana Moreno, Brian Street, Lucia Thesen. The precise format will be decided once expressions of interest have been received.


£45. This will include refreshments am and pm and lunch.

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Complete the expression of interest and return to by 31st January 2010.