Paper by Blommaert & Huang


Historical bodies and historical space: An e-seminar


26th February - 5th March, 2010


In an attempt to foster online debate on the linguistic ethnography of language and communication, UKLEF is piloting an e-seminar series.These e-seminars are loosely modeled after the Media Anthropology Network seminars and take the form of moderated email discussions of papers in linguistic ethnography. The pilot will be based on Jan Blommaert's keynote lecture at the Explorations in Ethnography and Education Conference, Aston University, September 2009 and the paper that resulted from it:

Historical bodies and historical space.


Professor Jan Blommaert, Babylon, Tilburg University

April Huang, University of Jyväskylä


Mark Allen Peterson, Miami University

Professor Adrian Blackledge, University of Birmingham

The event is open to all UKLEF members and will be run on the JISCmail discussion list. The seminar will run for 10 days, starting on Wednesday Feb. 24 and ending on Friday March 5. On the 24th, Mark and Adrian will post their comments, after which Jan and April will respond. The discussion will then be open to all.