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Bourdieu and linguistic ethnography


16 June, 2007

Place School of Education, University of Birmingham
Focus This seminar invites discussion of the application of the work of Pierre Bourdieu to the field of linguistic ethnography. The day will be structured around four invited papers, which engage both with the application of Bourdieu’s theoretical principles in understanding language in use and action, and the extent to which ethnography and linguistics feature in Bourdieu’s work. Papers will each be twenty-five minutes, allowing fifteen minutes’ discussion.

Adrian Blackledge and Shahela Hamid, Negotiating identities in complementary schools: Multilingual habitus in contemporary social spaces.


Michael Grenfell, Bourdieu, Linguistics and Ethnography.


Moira Inghilleri, Translation, politics and the ethics of communication: A Bourdieusian perspective.


Simon Warren, Researching Post-Compulsory Education and Training: social narratives, habitus and recursive methodology.