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Methodological issues in linguistic ethnography


4th March, 2006

Place The Open University, Milton Keynes
Focus This seminar is part of UKLEF’s ongoing focus on methodological issues. The seminar addresses the following questions: How can textual and contextual analysis be combined? How can we develop a language of description to capture the dynamic aspects of communication? How can narrative be used, both as method and representation, within ethnographic research? Ethnographer or linguist? Are these and/or other identities/roles compatible in the research process?

Khadeegha Albouezi and Kate Pahl, Dilemmas of translation and identity: ethnographic research in multilingual homes.


Alexandra Georgakopoulou and Mike Baynham, "Big" stories and "small" stories: reflections on methodological / theoretical issues in narrative research.


Moira Inghilleri, Macro social theory and linguistic ethnography: a bridge (too far)?


Alexandra Jaffe, Standards of evidence, ethnographic methods and analysis.


Ellen van Praet, Writing a linguistic ethnography: a different kind of journey.


Keith Richards, Love, hate and indifference: The impact of talk about relationships on the interpretation of talk in relationships.