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Call for spring seminars

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Spring Seminar Proposals

The Linguistic Ethnography Forum (LEF) invites members to submit a seminar proposal for the spring and summer 2010. This is an opportunity to bring together researchers working in the area of linguistic ethnography in order to share, debate and discuss our research. Past seminar events have included: 1) Ethnographies of literacy/ Ethnographies de l'écrit: An Anglo-French Dialogue (2008); 2) Bourdieu and Linguistic Ethnography (2007); Linguistic Ethnographies of Children and Youth (2007); 3) Methodological Issues in Linguistic Ethnography (2006); 4) Ethnography in multilingual urban contexts (2005); 5) Bahktin, Language and Discourse (2005). Please refer to the events page to view a full list of recent and past seminars. For discussion of seminar ideas and proposals contact: Dr. Frances Giampapa